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The Association is an non-political organisation that was founded in 1926. AEDR seeks to protect and enhance the interests of residents. Our primary concerns centre on planning, traffic, security and other topics which directly affect our area. To this end, we maintain regular contact with our Councillors who also attend our Committee meetings. Visits are made to the Town Hall to view planning applications and to monitor the agenda items for the committee meetings of prime relevance e.g. Planning, Environment, Leisure and Strategy & Resources, and where appropriate to make our views known.

The Association has representatives for all the roads in the Ewell Downs area, with more than one representative for the longer ones. The Association has committee members and officers. Committee meetings are held about six times per year. A newsletter is sent to all residents twice a year. Please contact the Hon. Secretary if you have any suggestions for the newsletter.

Other activities include sponsoring our election candidates, helping to prepare manifestos and knocking on as many doors as possible at local election time. For the delivery of election manifestos and of our twice yearly newsletters, we rely on the vital services of our Road Representatives, who also provide indispensable communication lines. To keep in touch with Borough-wide issues, Committee members also attend as appropriate meetings of other bodies such as the Standing Committee of Residents Associations (SCoRA), the Environment Forum, Police Liaison, and the Epsom and Ewell branch of CPRE.

The Ewell Downs area includes Reigate Road, Ewell Downs estate, North East Surrey College of Technology (NESCOT), part of the Priest Hill playing fields and various small holdings and farm land. The area is predominantly residential, but Reigate Road has several businesses, farms and small holdings.
West Looe Windmill Lane
West Looe Windmill Lane
The Association's area is mainly in parts of two wards of Epsom & Ewell Council :- the south east part of Ewell Ward and the southern portion of Nonsuch Ward. The Ewell Downs area is crossed by several boundaries, results in a complicated split of wards and parishes.

If residents have any problems or concerns, we ask that these should first be taken up with the Epsom & Ewell Borough Council or Surrey County Council as appropriate. If you are not satisfied with the response, please approach your Road Representative, Councillor, or Committee member. Our aim is to assist as best we can.

All residents of the roads listed below are eligible to join the Association at a very reasonable cost of £5 per household per year.

All members are welcome to attend the Annual General Meeting, which normally takes place around the end of March. At the AGM there are presentations, and a chance to ask questions to members of the committee and the Borough and County councillors that represent the area, and an invited guest speaker.

Road Name Ward Name
Beech Walk   Nonsuch
Ewell Downs Road   Nonsuch
Hampton Grove   Ewell
Higher Green   Nonsuch
Langton Avenue Ewell
Longdown Lane North Nonsuch
North Looe Nonsuch
Park Hill Road Ewell
Reigate Road   Ewell, Nonsuch
St James Avenue   Nonsuch
Sycamore Gardens (Since 2016)   Nonsuch
The Green   Nonsuch
Windmill Avenue   Ewell
Windmill Lane   Ewell, College