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If residents have any problems or concerns, we ask that these should first be taken up with the Epsom & Ewell Borough Council or Surrey County Council as appropriate. If they are not satisfied with the response, they should approach their Councillor, Road Representative, or Committee member. Some telephone numbers and web sites are listed below.  should be used to contact Road Representatives or Committee Members
  Epsom & Ewell Borough Council 01372 732000
  Surrey County Council 03456 009009
  Borough and County Councillors    

Councillor Michael Arthur (Ewell Ward)

020 8393 1476

  Councillor Humphrey Reynolds (Ewell Ward)

020 8393 3752


Councillor Clive Woodbridge (Ewell Ward)

020 8393 2853

Councillor Graham Dudley (Nonsuch Ward)

020 8786 9096

  Councillor Chris Frost  (Nonsuch Ward)

01372 720430

Councillor David Wood (Nonsuch Ward)

020 8786 9386

  Councillor John Beckett  (Surrey CC)

020 8383 1185

  AEDR Road Representatives    

Beech Walk

Meurig Thomas


Ewell Downs Road (North end)

Alison Spicer


Ewell Downs Road (South end)

Joan England

  Hampton Grove Kim Thorp  
  Higher Green (Even nos.) Michael Lockyer  
  Higher Green (Odd nos.) Liz Jones  
  Langton Avenue Michael Arthur  
  Longdown Lane North (North end) Graham Evans  
  Longdown Lane North (South end) Steve Gebbett  
  Reigate Road (Nos. 28 to 52) Meurig Thomas  
Reigate Road (Nos. 54 to 92) Esme Wilson
  Reigate Road (Nos. 94 to 140) Carol Billam  
  St James Avenue Jason Barnett  
  The Green (North) Sarah Shickle  
  The Green (South) Ann Broad  
The Looe Carol Billam
  Windmill Avenue Vacant  
  Windmill Lane Vacant  
  AEDR Officers    
  Vice-President Peter Gilder  
  Chairlady Jenny Coleman  
  Hon Treasurer Gavin Marks  
  Hon. Secretary Paula McNally  
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